Larch Mtn (Camas)

Last updated on 3 Sep 2012
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As a newly discovered bouldering crag across the river from Portland, this area consists of 5 different buttes or boulder fields that work their way up to Larch Mountain. There are a lot of undeveloped problems on this ridge line and an unlimited potential for small to high ball routes. The rock  here is relatively clean, very solid, and to date, range from VB to V7.

This area is located on Washington State Trust Land and part of the Jones Creek area, which is known for ATV usage. This area does require a Washington Discover Pass and they will ticket you, even though you are miles out into dusty back roads. Expect to encounter a lot of ATVs, motorcycles, shooting ranges and people drinking booze.

Directions: Because of various road closures, we suggest taking this route from Camas, WA. If you don’t have an AWD vehicle, then park at the pull off area before the closed gate. Walk up the middle road for about 10 minutes to reach a majority of the boulder fields.

Diagram: View the Larch Mountain diagram from please get a valid license key to activate the pro version
Larch Mountain (Camas)

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3rd Butte: 45.700930, -122.274875
Parking: 45.693711, -122.273841
2nd Butte - Wild West: 45.702545, -122.279435
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3rd Butte

The 3rd Butte consists of a boulder field of low (6') to medium ball (12') boulders. Don't expect to find a lot of level grounded starts here, bring a lot of crash pads and spotters.

(NAD83/WGS84 : 45.70093,  -122.274875)
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Turnaround area which provides access to the main AWD road up to Larch Mountain and two gated roads. Make sure you have a Washington Discover Pass before you park, they will ticket or warn you. Expect to find pickup trucks, broken glass and a lot of firearms going off in this area.
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2nd Butte - Wild West

The 2nd Butte or Wild West consists of a boulder field of low (6') to high ball (16'+) boulders. Expect to find endless problems for all skill levels here.

(NAD83/WGS84 : 45.702545,  -122.279435) please get a valid license key to activate the pro version