The Zone (CRG)

Last updated on 20 Aug 2012
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Originally developed by Mike Pajunas in the early 2000s. This boulder crag is currently overgrown with moss, vegetation, and blown down trees, which make walk offs difficult. The area is currently being reclaimed but undisclosed climbers and images will be updated as progress is made.

Directions:¬†Park at the Lewis and Clark State park off of exit 18 on I-84. Follow the cement path that runs parallel to the train tracks. At the edge of the park, this path turns into a dirt trail, take this trail for 1 mile. After passing a downed tree you have to climb under, a deep drainage, and a small drainage. You’ll come to a split in the path, take the path right, which leads you bushwacking up a steep hill. ¬†Follow this path till you reach the obscure cliff line. please get a valid license key to activate the pro version
The Zone (Columbia River Gorge)

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Magma Zone: 45.540650, -122.363082
Phantom Phase : 45.540677, -122.362932
Lava Bomb: 45.540745, -122.362835
Super Hive: 45.540677, -122.362675
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Magma Zone

(NAD83/WGS84 : 45.54065, -122.3630816)
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Phantom Phase

(NAD83/WGS84 : 45.540676, -122.3629316)
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Lava Bomb

(NAD83/WGS84 : 45.540745, -122.362835)
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Super Hive

(NAD83/WGS84 : 45.540676, -122.362675) please get a valid license key to activate the pro version