Cove Palisades State Park

Last updated on 4 Jul 2013
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Location: Central Oregon, near the city of Madras.

The boulders at the Cove Palisades State Park campground and on the Tam-a-láu trail are relatively unknown online. After parking at your campsite on the B Loop, find the Tam-a-láu trailhead at the east side of the camp and head up the trail past the dog park. After signing in at the registration board, follow the trail uphill for about a quarter of the mile to reach the boulders. These boulders are right on the trail and you won’t need to go off trail to find them.

There a handful of mid-ball sized boulders with a handful of routes on each one. If you proceed down the trail farther, you will be greeted by a sign that says you are in a sensitive area and “no rock climbing”. WE ARE NOT SURE IF THE ENTIRE TRAIL IS OBSERVED AS A SENSITIVE AREA, CLIMB AT YOUR OWN LEGAL RISK. please get a valid license key to activate the pro version
Cove Palisades State Park

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Boulders: 44.532729, -121.284168
Campsite: 44.536208, -121.281167
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(NAD83/WGS84 : 44.532729, -121.284168 )

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Campsite please get a valid license key to activate the pro version